06 | 11 | 19

We have teamed up with our friends at Collective Arts to bring you the ‘Call For Art Party’ on November 22nd 5-8pm – an evening of arts, DJs and beers!

Every 3 months Collective Arts open a Call for Art, and during the same cycle they release a new art ‘Series’ on their cans. Each of their year round beers features four, unique pieces of art at once, all submitted from artists around the world.

There will be artists down exhibiting work at Cottonopolis on 22nd November in physical form and also selling thier work. Local gallery owner Chloe from has been helping to source local artist for this but the search has widened for artists to submit direct via the website and to also come along on the night and submit art too.

On the night a laptop will be set up for the Call For Art submissions – Anyone is encouraged to bring a memory stick with as much art on that they have created and would like to upload. Once uploaded, they will receive a free pint!

If you know of any cool artists who want get involved – they may even make it into the CA roster of artists!

There will be beer samples and special beers available on the night too.



David O’Brien:

Emma Evans :