Hanami Celebrations 2022

04 | 04 | 22

Spring has sprung at Cottonopolis as we celebrate the Japanese celebration of Hanami in partnership with Suntory Japanese Spirits..

[When cherry blossoms bloom in Japan, people of every age and occupation gather under the trees for hanami:  a time to admire, ponder, and celebrate.]

Hanami literally translates to “flower watching” and is an annual celebration of the cherry blossom and springtime. People gather around cherry blossom trees with family and friends to enjoy delicious drinks and food under the beautiful pink trees.

We have created our very own blossoms within the venue for you to sit amongst with your friends and family – but also invite you to leave a message of gratitude amongst the blossoms. In return – much like the Spring gives us the gift of new beginnings – we will be picking messages of gratitude each week through Hanami and gifting cocktails, food and more.

There will also be one lucky winner who will win the main prize of a table of 6 with a £500 food and drink tab.

There will also be a cocktail menu launching within this celebration in partnership with Suntory with cocktails that take their inspiration from Hanami and the Japanese teachings of living in the moment and life itself.

All who dine will be invited to leave a message of gratitude – but you don’t need a table booking to take part. Simply head to the bar and request a Hanami envelope.

In Japan it’s the petals’ brief lifespan that sents the cherry blossom apart – shortly after the flowers have fully developed, the wind starts whisking them away. The passing of time is what defines the cherry blossom philosophy- a beautiful natural spectacle but a metaphor for life itself. How we should savour and be grateful for what we have.

Nothing seems more reminiscent of human mortality than the cherry blossom tree which is why it’s such a prominent subject within Japanese arts, songs, poetry and more – and we hope you enjoy the kind of “wabi-sabi” moment during your own hanami at Cottonopolis.

Hanami at Cottonopolis will run from 4th April to the 31st May.