JAZU KISSA // Sundays at Cottonopolis

26 | 04 | 23

[JAZZ KISSA (Japanese: ジャズ喫茶), sometimes transliterated as jazu kissa, are cafés that specialise in the playing and appreciation of recorded jazz music.]

Introducing ‘Jazu Kissa’ every Sunday at Cottonopolis.
Join us as we host the very best of local jazz musicians as you tuck into Shaun Moffat’s indulgent ‘Meat & Three’ menu – a 3-course sharing feast!

To begin the table shares Shrimp Crackers, Cauliflower Karaage and Chicken Karaage.

Then it’s your choice of mains – Honey & Soy Tamworth Pork Belly; Cumin & Szechuan Lamb Shoulder; Char Sui Celeriac & Veg Tempura
All of which are served with an array of sides including  Bao, Clarence Court Tomago Rice, Kimchi Grilled Cabbage, Sweet Potato & Wasabi Mayo

Finally, dessert – Burnt White Chocolate Cheesecake.

All for £30ph


What is Jazu Kissa?
Jazu kissa, a concept which started in 1920s Japan, are spaces where jazz music is played for dedicated listening, rather than as background music. An important musical resource for musicians, journalists and jazz enthusiasts, there were around 600 jazu kissa operating across Japan at their peak.

A significant cultural phenomenon, jazu kissa also served as places to hear important jazz records that may otherwise have been too expensive for individuals to buy, allowing the growing music genre to be more accessible to all.