21 | 07 | 19

Every Sunday from 2pm we have Mancunian DJ collective The Beat Boutique to select our soundtrack from their enviable vinyl collection of rare soul, funk, disco and groove. From club promoters to Reform Radio favourites, these guys have such a passion for the music the play and many a story to tell, we are delighted that they have joined the Cottonopolis family and are forging their weekly residency with us, and with some extra special events in the pipeline too.

If you haven’t heard of The Beat Boutique, this is a little bio on them to give you an insight:

Back In early 2008 a few like-minded record collectors got together and decided start a new Manchester club with the aim of creating a unique all-inclusive soul night. From that The Beat Boutique was born and since it’s start it has managed to establish itself as one of the city’s best loved nights.

From its humble beginnings, the club went on to host some of the world’s DJ’ing heavyweights, including the likes of Dimitri from Paris, Al Kent and John Morales. As well as this, it has continued to be a platform for the best in local and national DJ’ing talent like HomoElectric’s Jamie Bull and the king of rare boogie Red Greg to name but a few.

Over the years the residents have changed but the club’s philosophy hasn’t, The Beat Boutique is focused on providing you with the best in music be it through the sound system of an underground club, in a bat or via the radio airwaves.


The Beat boutique Sunday Social takes place at Cottonopolis every Sunday from 2pm.