The Principles Menu – the new cocktail list

23 | 07 | 19


After an award-winning year in 2018, we launch their eagerly awaited new cocktail menu, inspired by the principles of Japanese Aesthetics.

After an award-winning year in 2018, Gethin Jones and co have been hard at work on their latest instalment. Where last year focuses on Japanese idioms, this year’s list has taken inspiration from the principles of Japanese Aesthetics – a loose set of principles that highlight a multitude of aspects that allude to ‘beauty’ in Japanese culture.

Much of these aesthetics centre around ‘moments’ and ‘ways of being’, celebrating the impermanence of life.  The aim was to essentially to create cocktails to be enjoyed in between all of life’s little moments.

Cocktails are all about those little moment’s, whether we are celebrating, commemorating or just taking an hour out of life’s hectic schedule to sit and treat ourselves and our friends.” says Gethin.

We have interpreted these Japanese aesthetic principles in our own way and have tried to apply them in our cocktail making, focusing on ingredients, textures and aromas in a hope to create drinks that reflect n life’s little pleasures.”

They have also worked with local artist/ designer/ tattoo artist Gre Hale to create the design of the menu to reflect these principles. The menu is printed on beautiful, natural stock with a side-sewn spine reminiscent of Japanese binding.

“Our aim was to deliver a complete menu to our guests that was easy to navigate, that communicated the ideas of the Japanese Aesthetic without feeling contrived or themed, that gave them something to think about and hopefully encouraged them to sit back and enjoy the little victories in life- such as drinking good cocktails – whatever the occasion!”

In keeping with the principles of Japanese Aesthetics, the menu itself aims to be self-fulfilling, with a series of collaborations with artists on events within the venue throughout the year to really drive the message that the Principles Menu hopes to convey.

Come along and take a moment to enjoy one of the new drinks.